What is a short code? - 70000

Short Codes are simply shortened telephone numbers; unlike the usual 10-digit phone numbers you cannot dial and call a short code. They are only used for text messaging. Short codes act just like any other regular 10-digit phone numbers that you can send text messages to, and are primary used for marketing purposes. We consider our shortcode '70000' to be a vanity short code number because it is easy for people to remember.


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What is a keyword? - elephant

A mobile keyword is a one-word or phrase (no spaces) that encompasses your product, service or business. People text a mobile keyword to a pre-publicized short code number to receive more information and to join your distribution list or, as we often call them, text club.

Example: Text elephant to 70000 to learn more!

After texting into the keyword, you will immediately receive an automated text response (that you can setup and change/edit at your convenience).

You may select the keyword of your choice (4-character minimum), so long as it is not taken by another customer.


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Can I schedule messages to send at a later time?

Absolutely! Our system allows you to set up your campaigns in advance so they will automatically launch on the date and time that you specify.


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How long have you been providing Mobile Solutions?

GoWeb1 has been developing text solutions since June of 2008. The first product that GoWeb1 launched in the SMS text field was Alerts Made Easy, an industry-leading mass alert system implemented in schools, businesses, manufacturing facilities and hospitals throughout the country. Clients use this system as their primary business continuity alert system in the event of weather related closings, mechanical failures or emergency situations that need immediate action. Alerts Made Easy is the original implementer of developing a system that sends phone calls, text messages, e-mails and updates a website simultaneously.

With the growing demand in the market of businesses wanting to implement a superior and affordable mobile marketing solution that is fully compliant with CAN-SPAM, GoWeb1 developed SMS Elephant in 2009; we recently updated the name of this product to Text Clubs. This tool is used by any size organization to send out mass mobile marketing texts, e-mail campaigns, social networking site updates, robo-calls, mobile coupons and much more.


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What makes your company the best to work with?

We are here for each of our clients 24/7 and strive to exceed all expectations. All clients receive hands-on training presented by the GoWeb1 team to make sure they are up and running ASAP with our system. We have built the system so each client can manage their account using our intuitive dashboard. Text Clubs has also secured the premium short code 70000 so that we can set up keywords on this easy to remember short code. Our team is also constantly adding new features, staying well ahead of our competition. Examples of this include integration into social media sites, QR Code integration, online forms to easily integrate with existing websites, mobile coupon tracking, multi-media messages and so much more.


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What is a 'text club'?

When a client texts in your keyword and signs up to receive messages from your company, we call the resulting group of contacts a 'text club.' Every message you send to one text club will be sent to every contact that's opted into that club! Each text club has a different keyword to sign up for it, which means you can create as many keywords (and text clubs) for whatever reason you can think of.

For example, a medical clinic might have two text clubs: one for appointment reminders and another for medical news. Clients signed up for the reminders will only receive reminders; clients signed up for the news will only receive news - though it's completely possible for one person to sign up for both clubs! This feature is great if you want to cater to two or more distinct groups.


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Can we self-manage our account?

Text Clubs allows you to manage everything in one single integrated system where you can send out texts, e-mail blasts and update your social media portals from one interface. All messages can be sent out immediately or scheduled for a future delivery date allowing you to strategically plan your marketing campaigns in advance. A Text Clubs account also has several advanced messaging features including 2-way messaging, mobile surveys, multi-media capabilities to send out images and videos, unique coupon tracking codes, mobile e-cards, voice message robo-calls, text-to-screen features, custom online form builder and much more. Clients can also import contacts from .CSV (comma-separated value) files or through popular e-mail address books such as Outlook, Yahoo and Gmail. In addition to being able to self-manage 100% of this system, the GoWeb1 team also provides 24/7 support.


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You'll probably make me sign a contract, right?

Nope! There is no contract to work with us. Our clients can cancel at any time. We have the simple philosophy that if a client is not receiving their maximum return on investment with our system then we are doing something wrong. We are not happy unless you are happy. The only thing we require is that our clients adhere to our Terms of Use Policy and a Privacy Policy that can be found through the links below:

Terms of Use Privacy Policy


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