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Grant your business the power of All-In-One Marketing. With Text Clubs, mobile text, email, voice and social media are at your fingertips. Contacting prospective, new or returning customers will never be easier.

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With Text Clubs,  you can easily connect with groups, individuals or entire client databases via text message, multimedia message, email or IM. Send out messages immediately, or schedule them to send at a later time. With Text Clubs, you'll be able to update who you want, when you want. It's that simple!

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A Text Clubs account can cater to everyone! Restaurants, doctors' offices, non-profit organizations, salons, schools, retail, automotive, community clubs, real estate, event planers, politicians, bars, religious organizations and more can all benefit from Text Clubs's powerful communication system.

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Text Messaging

In today’s world, texting is one of the most efficient ways to reach your contacts. Whether your contact list is large or small, Text Clubs can help you start connecting easily with your base on a mobile platform.


There are two types of messages you can send to those in your text club: a standard text message (SMS) or a multimedia message (MMS).

  • In an SMS, you can send up to 160 characters of text. An SMS is perfect for blasting out a short message, like a store discount, an event update, an appointment reminder, or even a link to a video you’ve just created. 
  • In an MMS, you can send up to 500 characters of text. You can also include images with your text. This is perfect for visually engaging your text club, and can really help to highlight a product, advertise a tasty new dish, or make a memorable impression. 


When you partner with Text Clubs, you automatically receive monthly text credits to your account. These rollover points never expire unless you use them. The total number of credits you use depends on the number of people in your contact list and the type of message you chose to send:

  • Sending an SMS costs 1 credit per contact
  • Sending an MMS costs 3 credits per contact


Email marketing is in. E-newsletters are great for informing your customers and directing them to your site or store using engaging images, links, and call-to-action options. E-newsletters also help to convey a large amount of information that would not normally fit in a text message. You can easily do spotlights on upcoming events, recent business achievements, or even new products.

Newsletter Design

With Text Clubs, composing a newsletter is simple. You can choose from a variety of newsletter templates to start your message, or you can customize the newsletter with your logo and site colors to better fit your brand identity.

Email Data Analysis

Want to know how many people actually read your email? With Text Clubs, you can track who opened your e-newsletter, who clicked on your hyperlinks, and much more! These click analyses will help you see how effective your e-newsletter campaigns are and how valuable they are to your company and customers.

Mobile Coupons

Who doesn’t love a great deal? With Text Clubs, you can send out mobile messages to let customers know about your latest buy-one-get-one-free special, an upcoming 50% off sale, or an insider exclusive deal on a hot new item. No matter your industry, mobile coupons are a great way to generate business. And making your customers feel like VIP members of your business will certainly build loyalty to your brand. By informing, engaging and rewarding customers with exclusive offers and discounts, they will have every reason to keep coming back for more.


If you put up a post on Facebook or in an email, your customers might miss the message as they scroll by. But with texts going straight to your customers’ phones, they won’t miss your message. As a personal platform, text messages are much more likely to be seen, which translates to a better return on investment for your business.

Appointment Reminders

When life gets busy for your clients, it’s easy for them to forget about an appointment they scheduled with you several days or even weeks ago. Do you want to minimize the number of no-shows? If so, consider sending automatic appointment reminders through Text Clubs.

Text Clubs makes the scheduling process quick and easy. With automatic appointment reminders, you can schedule for a reminder text to be sent at any time—whether it’s the hour or even the night before the client’s appointment or reservation. This gives you flexibility and gives your client accountability. The feature is great for any number of professions:

  • Doctors
  • Dentists
  • Chiropractors
  • Spas
  • Hair Salons
  • Auto Shops
  • Restaurants
  • Event Coordinators
  • And more!
  • Another great feature of automatic appointment reminders is the ability to customize who receives the text. You can personalize a reminder text for an individual user, or you can send a message to a whole group about an upcoming private event. No matter the number of people, Text Clubs can help your business and clients stay on track!

Online Signup

Online Signup pages are great for enhanced customer connection. You can capture standard information—like a phone number—in addition to their full name, mailing address, age, gender, birthday, etc. This allows you to have a robust customer database, which you can use to customize messages accordingly.

Filtering by Interest

This feature is great for organizations with diverse signup needs. Let’s say an athletic organization sends updates about football, soccer, and rugby events or field conditions. One football player might not want messages about the other sports. Another sports fan might want updates on all three. With an online signup, people can choose what messages they do and do not wish to receive. This tailoring makes clients happy because the information you send will pertain more to their lives and their interests.

Customizing Your Signup Page

With Text Clubs, the options for your online signup page are very versatile. In terms of page design, you can choose from dozens of templates, or our in-house designer can customize a page to fit your needs. We can match the color, logo and design of your signup page to your current site to make for a seamless transition. Or for those startup companies that might not have a current website, having an online signup page might be a cost-effective way to get your name out there.


What is a Keyword?

For any person to join your text club, he or she must text a keyword to a given number. For example, a skydiving company might advertise this: “Text JUMP to 889-989-0035!” In this case, “jump” is the keyword that people will come to associate with the skydiving company. Once a person sends that text, he or she will start receiving text messages from the skydiving company. The company might advertise discounts on jumps, send updates on weather conditions, or even send reminders about skydiving classes.

Choosing Your Keyword

Whenever you sign up with Text Clubs, you have the ability to choose your own keyword(s) for your business. Setting up a keyword is easy and will help people associate that word to your business, group or contest.

Once people choose to join your text club by sending your keyword to a toll free number, their mobile numbers will be automatically stored in a database. You will be able to easily access this database online and customize it to fit your needs. This enables you to schedule or instantly send messages to any number of people. Whether you want to send promotions, 50% off coupons, insider event information, or product specials, Text Clubs can help you connect to your customers and boost your business.