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These days, cell phones are prevalent pretty much everywhere - schools included! With such a wide network of students, teachers, parents and administrators, staying in contact can sometimes be a challenge. Text Clubs services can help connect the entire community through mass-texts about upcoming fundraisers, sports events, student concerts, dances, and more!

Furthermore, in the event of emergencies or school closings, Text Clubs allows you to instantly inform your entire network. In less hectic periods, our reminder service can help parents and teachers keep on their toes with automatic appointment reminders for meetings and conferences. They can also help students stay informed about their extra curricular activities. No matter what, you won't fall behind with a Text Clubs account!

Most Used Text Club Features for Schools

  • Mobile texting
  • Appointment reminders
  • Data Capture
  • Two-way messaging
  • QR codes


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+1 (217) 241-8554


Calhoun Tigers: Thank you for enrolling in school alerts! We’ll send event reminders, cancelations and volunteer opportunities

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