Mobile Keywords

Keywords are the little bit of magic that unlock all of Text Club's great features. (They're called 'keywords' for a reason!) As important as they are in helping you communicate with your customers, they're easy to set up and painless to maintain.

When you assign a keyword to your business, people can text that number in to sign up for promotions (like coupons and text-only specials) as well as hear news about your business. Their number is automatically stored in a database that's accessible and customizable for your needs. You can reward your text-messaging customers with 10% off coupons or let them be the first to know about upcoming events, new products, future sales and more!

No matter the business, mobile communication with your clients starts here, at the intersection of power and ease.

Mobile Voting

Mobile voting is a great way to interact with your customers no matter what industry you're in - from rock bands and retail stores to schools and politicians. Easily create all types of fun and engaging SMS votes and polls or ask a multiple choice question with up to ten choices. Text Club's polling service takes care of tallying votes for you!

You can use mobile voting as a way to learn about what your clients really look for in your company or what kind of products and services they'd like to see you offer. Inform and be informed by those who matter most to your business.

Appointment Reminders

If your business runs on appointments and reservations where your time really means money, you probably know the hassle of no-shows and "whoops, I forgot!" Our Appointment Reminder system can help keep you and your customers right on time by sending out reminders hours, days or weeks before the event in question. You can select individual users to send customized texts about their appointments or send to a whole group about an upcoming, private event. Schedule when the text is sent and personalize the message to minimize the number no-shows!

This feature is great for:

  • Doctor's and Dentist's appointments
  • Reminders about prescription refills
  • Restaurant reservations
  • Chiropractors
  • Spas and Hair Salons
  • Reminders about upcoming payments
  • Dry Cleaner clothes pick-up
  • Event and fundraiser reminders
  • and more!

Two-Way Text Messaging

If you're looking for a little more interaction with your customers, two-way text messaging enables your contacts to respond to polls, surveys and appointment reminders. Customers can RSVP to an event you've promoted via text messages, ask questions about your products or services, or enter themselves into a drawing. There's no limit to how two-way texts can be used, so invite your customers into conversations!


E-newsletters are great for informing your customers and directing them to your site using engaging images, links, and call-to-action options. E-newsletters also help to convey a large amount of information that would not normally fit in a text message. You can easily do spotlights on upcoming events, recent business achievements, or even new products.

Newsletter DesignWith Text Clubs, composing a newsletter is simple. You can choose from a variety of newsletter templates to start your message, or you can customize the newsletter with your logo and site colors to better fit your brand identity.

Email Data AnalysisWant to know how many people actually read your email? With Text Clubs, you can track who opened your e-newsletter, who clicked on your hyperlinks, and much more! These click analyses will help you see how effective your e-newsletter campaigns are and how valuable they are to your company and customers.

Powerful Tools and Utilities

The team at Text Clubs aims to give you all you need to succeed, and that means comprehensive and efficient tools for managing your contact lists. Quickly import and export names, sort your contacts by source, wireless carrier, or list name, and easily identify failed numbers to filter them out. You can also create custom data fields for your online sign up pages so you can capture more than standard contact information, like mailing address, age, gender, birthday, and pretty much anything else you can think of. We keep it neat and easy so you can focus on more important things - like growing your business!

Text to Screen

Need a way to liven up an event? With Text-to-Screen, you can invite your audience to text a mobile keyword (like 'partytime') followed by a message ("Great party!") to a designated toll-free number. Their messages can be projected - in real time! - onto a screen at your venue as they're received. Encourage your guests to share their experience with the rest of the group or broadcast trivia or contest winners to the whole group.

With this feature, Text Clubs also enables you to filter messages, specific words, and/or block flagged phone numbers to keep the fun clean and safe. Text-to-Screen is great for building crowd participation ( at clubs, sporting events, bars, conferences and more) and is a lot of fun to use!

Advanced Messaging

Advanced Messaging makes it easy to send a message to your entire contact list - straight from your mobile phone! All it takes is one click to instantly broadcast a message via email, text and IM, and to all of your social networking sites. There's no more hassle to spread the word with advanced messaging.

Online Sign-up Pages

Online Sign-Up Pages are the gateway to enhanced customer connection, allowing visitors on your website to enter their contact information and sign up to receive text message or email updates about your business. Once people enter in their information, it automatically populates your database. You can choose from dozens of pre-designed templates or our team can assist with designing a custom look to match your website (recommended).

Filtering by InterestThis feature is great for organizations with diverse signup needs. Let’s say an athletic organization sends updates about football, soccer, and rugby events or field conditions. One football player might not want messages about the other sports. Another sports fan might want updates on all three. With an online signup, people can choose what messages they do and do not wish to receive. This tailoring makes clients happy because the information you send will pertain more to their lives and their interests.

It's easy to set up an automatic response, too, so when someone signs up on your Online Sign-Up Page, they'll immediately receive information about your company, your next sale, or an upcoming event. That puts you in instant contact with those most important to your business!

Voice Broadcast

Voice broadcast provides the intimacy of a personal phone call with advanced technology, allowing you to get your message out quickly to hundreds of people with a single call and minimal effort. Voice broadcast sends a pre-recorded message to the cell phones or landline phones of your audience. If mere text isn't enough for your business, let a Text Clubs all-in-one marketing account help you really speak to your customers with this feature!

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