Mehlville School District

Our school district was looking to make meaningful communication easier in order to engage all families. We are now able to communicate with our parents, students and staff in a quick, effective way. With this easy-to-use platform, we are now able to easily schedule event updates, volunteer reminders or general communications to various groups within our school community. Text Clubs is a well-designed and reliable messaging tool with incredible support.

- Dr. Jeff Bresler,
Assistant Superintendent of Schools

District 23

We love using the text message club to stay in touch with our customers. Whether we are doing special events, an in-store sale, product promotion or the launch of a new item, the text messaging system allows us to stay in constant communication with our customers.

It is one of the best investments I have ever made with my marketing dollars.

I highly recommended this efficient, easy to use marketing system to all my friends! You will love it!

- Michelle Tjemeland, Owner at District 23

BoS Center

Lara turned me on to Text Clubs as a streamlined and efficient way to not only get information out about upcoming events and promotions for those events at my building, but also a tool to gather new customer data. I was skeptical at first. I already had a basic office program I was using to contact all of our club members. Why should I switch? What was so great about Text Clubs? Lara came to my office and showed me the robust online platform they had to offer. She demonstrated just how easy it was for the public to opt in to my Text Club. Just text my keyword to 877-556-6771 and they were enrolled?

I was sold. We've integrated Text Clubs keyword sign ups to our website and our database has grown exponentially!

We are able to create and deploy professional looking email and text blasts in a matter of minutes. In the fast moving, last minute world of concerts and ticketing nothing has been a bigger help than Text Clubs.

- Jenny Vaughn,
Director of Marketing & Box Office Administration at The BOS Center

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*formerly known as the Prairie Capital Convention Center

Mosquito Joe

Friendly staff and texting service is very useful to our business!

- Michele Sommers, Franchise Owner

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