Want to set up automatic appointment reminders for your customers' next oil change, tire rotation or tune up? With Text Clubs, your automotive company can do all that and more! You can instantly send your customers texts reminding them about appointments. You can promote deals and discounts to drum up extra business. You can even text them or send them a voice broadcast to let customers know their cars are ready for pick up. Communication will be a breeze with Text Clubs.



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Event Planning

You know better than most how much communication it takes to plan successful parties, weddings and other special events; Text Clubs can be a reliable tool for you when time is short. Rely on Text Clubs to efficiently and effectively inform guests about urgent news regarding their event, or use our text services to mass-text reminders to the invitees. If bad weather's headed your way, sending notice of a venue change to the entire guest list takes all but a few minutes. You can also increase 50/50 participation with text-messaging and liven up an event with our interactive polls and text-to-screen functionality. With a boost from a Text Clubs account, you know the party's only just beginning.




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Do your clients forget about their dentist appointments or medical check-ups? Text Clubs can help you reduce the number of no-shows. With a Text Clubs account, your clinic or medical office can send automatic appointment reminders as well as reminders for prescription refills and pick-ups. Our system will take the stress out of schedule-keeping.

With Text Clubs, you can also focus more on the health and wellbeing of your clients. Send a text to spread the word about an urgent health warning. Let your patients know about available vaccines. Or even send a weekly tip to health-conscious clients! The possibilities are endless. 




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For not-for-profit organizations where volunteers and the generosity of others help you help others, open communication is incredibly important. Keeping in contact with donors and volunteers is not always easy, however, or may take more time than you have. With Text Clubs, communication becomes as easy as the touch of a few buttons! You can send out mass texts or voice broadcasts to the community about upcoming fundraisers and events, spread the word about future volunteer opportunities or give donors the chance to pledge via text. Our tools can minimize the time you spend reaching out to the community so you can concentrate on more important things, like helping others.




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During election season, reaching voters is top priority. Text Clubs allows you to connect with supporters in a matter of minutes. Nowadays, people are always on their cell phones. Blasting out a text to your entire contact list or sending a personalized mobile voice broadcast to voters are useful tools to have in your arsenal. With Text Clubs, you can easily promote speeches, fundraisers, events and meetings. You can even send out interactive polls to see what issues are the most important to voters or reminders about voting registration. Stay ahead in the race by reaching out with Text Clubs!



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Real Estate

Sometimes the on-site information about a property for sale just doesn't cut it. What happens if someone wants to know more? Rather than making potential buyers wait by playing phone tag or hunting out information online, Text Clubs can instantly provide property details to clients via text message. Anyone who texts your advertised keyword to your dedicated number will get relevant information about that residential or commercial listing.

Would you like to update potential buyers about new listings in the area? With Text Clubs, you can send mobile messages and even photos of the properties they are interested in. Keeping potential buyers in touch with your real estate company will help you make more connections for sellers. In turn, your real estate company will become even more marketable to potential sellers. Choose the smart way to connect with Text Clubs all-in-one marketing.




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Do you wish you had better communication with your congregation? Telephone calls and newsletters may cost too much time and effort, but our text services can revolutionize how you stay in contact with your members and visitors. Use our system to send mass texts to your community about upcoming sermons and events. You can even text a weekly inspirational verse, gather volunteers for fundraisers, or send reminders about special occasions! A more tightly-knit community is only a few clicks away.




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Who doesn't love getting a great deal from their favorite restaurant, cafe or bar? With Text Clubs, you can send out mobile messages to let customers know about your latest lunch special, your newest drink on tap, or even what artists might be playing at your venue. You can even connect with customers through interactive polls about their favorite flavors or dishes. By informing, engaging, and rewarding customers with exclusive offers, discounts and information, they will have every reason to keep coming back for more!  

With Text Clubs, you can also maximize your time and messaging power. Say you are too busy to send a mass text about a lunch special at 11 a.m., right before the midday rush. With Text Clubs, you can schedule your text to send at any time of the day or night, no matter when you composed it. This means you can write that same lunch text the night before and have it still send out at 11 in the morning, when it is most effective! 


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Text Clubs offers a great way for retail stores to connect with customers. In one simple text, your retail store can send out information about an upcoming sale, a hot new item, or ongoing specials. You can even give exclusive discounts or Buy-1-Get-1-Free deals on purchases to those who opt in to receive mobile messages. This will reward customer loyalty and reinforce a positive association with your brand.

Also, if you would like to hear what your customers have to say about a product or service you offer, you can send out interactive polls or surveys. This will help your retail store stay up-to-speed on what your customers really think. With Text Clubs, staying in touch with your customers can be easy!



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These days, cell phones are prevalent pretty much everywhere - schools included! With such a wide network of students, teachers, parents and administrators, staying in contact can sometimes be a challenge. Text Clubs services can help connect the entire community through mass-texts about upcoming fundraisers, sports events, student concerts, dances, and more! 

Furthermore, in the event of emergencies or school closings, Text Clubs allows you to instantly inform your entire network. In less hectic periods, our reminder service can help parents and teachers keep on their toes with automatic appointment reminders for meetings and conferences. They can also help students stay informed about their extra curricular activities. No matter what, you won't fall behind with a Text Clubs account!




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Service Providers

Regardless of what kind of service you provide - whether it's hair styling, lawn care, catering, transportation, child care or another important business - Text Clubs offers a great way to contact customers.  Instead of mailing or calling customers, which can take a long time, you can simply text them mobile coupons or event information. Customers who opt in for messaging will love getting exclusive deals and insider information, which will in turn build a positive association with your company and generate business. Text Clubs even allows you to send automatic appointment reminders to customers who have scheduled a meeting with your company! Stay ahead of the competition with the excellent communication tools from Text Clubs.



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