Below you will find a variety of examples of how Text Clubs clients are maximizing on their print and digital marketing. Our team is here to help you create visually-appealing marketing assets to keep your distribution lists growing! Contact us with any questions or by phone 217-241-8554.

Staple Fliers to Every Order

Putting fliers on your orders is an easy, organic way to invite people to join your text club. People who are already buying your food will naturally be open to joining your mobile club, especially after eating something so mouthwatering! Take a look at two of our food truck catering clients who have gone this route: Cooper’s StrEATside Bistro and Twyford BBQ & Catering.

Facebook Page Plugin

It can be confusing for some people to know how to text into a text club for the first time. That’s why an online signup on a familiar social media site like Facebook is a great idea since your customers just need to fill out a simple form. Check out the Facebook page plugin for the Dew Chilli Parlor below.

Table/Drive Thru Signage

Whether to make conversation or to avoid boredom, customers will always look around their tables while waiting for food. That’s the perfect opportunity to market your text club. Put a little sign on the table and it’s virtually guaranteed people will read it. It also acts as a great conversation starter for your waiter or waitress to talk about your text club. Check out the table displays for D’Arcy’s Pint and Gyros Stop below.

Table Signage


Posters are a classic way to get the word out about your text club. Post them up around town, at a sponsored event, or even in your own establishment. Check out our client JParkes, who chose to use posters to market their texts club within their dressing rooms. 



Business Cards

Getting a small business card that can easily fit into a purse or wallet is a great way to market a text club. It has a bit of a professional flare to it, which was ideal for our real estate client Freedom Real Estate. Small portable cards are also great for restaurants and coffee shops since many customers are already accustomed to carrying around gift cards or reward cards.

Promote on your website

An easy way to advertise your text club is to talk about it on your website or include it in one of your social media posts. This gets the word about your mobile marketing club out to those who are already seeking out your company online. Check out how District23 invites people to join its text club on its website.

Outdoor Signs

People usually pay attention to signs while they are driving, especially when there is a lot of traffic. Adding in an outdoor sign in a key location is great way to market a text club. This is certainly true for real estate clients like ReMax.

TV Advertisements

Television packs such a strong, visual punch. Marketing on a local television station or even in-house is a great way to get viewers to know about your business and about the discounts they can get by signing up for your text club. Check out how Long Bridge Golf Course advertised their text club on TV.


Sharing a video on Facebook or YouTube can be an effective way to let people know about your text club especially in conjunction with an event that is going on or coming up. Check out how the Sherman Area Chamber of Commerce advertised its text club to let people know about the 2017 ShermanFest below.

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